Goose Calls

Introducing "The Band Hog" from Calef Calls

Calef Calls has developed a new short reed Canada goose call that sounds as good as it looks. Made of polished acrylic the Band Hog has a short barrel and a new insert with an enlarged exhaust bore that allows the call to “dump  air” quickly, resulting in an extremely quick and very loud goose call. This call has the volume to reach out and pull in those migrating geese.The Band Hog is tuned to a slightly higher and raspier pitch to aggressively call at high flying migrating geese as well as distant flocks. As dominate as the Band Hog is on top, it is very capable on the bottom also. The “broke in” guts of the Band Hog allow the caller to get ultra goosy sounds with very little effort. The Band Hog is available in several acrylic colors.